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Our mission is to promote high quality research on Latin America through a professional and thorough multidisciplinary work. It is also our objective to supply Georgetown University and other partner institutions with excellently trained researchers.


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Our vision is to be a leading center for research on Latin America and provide, ways to improve the situation and understanding of the region through the advancing of science.

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Investigation. We consider the art of research as a value in itself, that means that we never settle for the first answer nor run out of questions. We are interested in issues of social importance which challenge us to make significant discoveries.

Innovation. We are committed to cutting-edge research. This value has led us to develop a know-how that combines multidisciplinary work with the quality and experience of Georgetown University´s researchers, resulting in new and better solutions for the emerging problems.

Instruction. We believe that the only way to accomplish our goals is by qualifying the new generation of researchers. Young investigators are taught by our senior faculty, while they contribute with their freshness, ambition and renewed perspectives. The result: not only CLAS but also Georgetown University and others partner institutions are able to count on professional scientists specialized in the most varied topics related to the Latin American region.

Involvement. We always demand to be efficient and achieve revealing studies, so we must get fully engaged with our work and feel passion for it. The believe of doing something unique that could change society in some way push us to the top of our capability.

Improvement. We believe that researching and discovering are key to progress in all communities. In this regard is that we are dedicated to study the past to understand the present and be part of the future´s building.